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Seeing YOUR WORLD through Gospel Glasses – Grace College 2015-2016 Teaching Series

As a human being, there’s nothing more important than knowing your creator, The Creator.
As a young adult, it’s critical that you discover who you are and what you’re made for.
As a ministry, we (Grace College) are here to walk with you on this journey and to see you (and everyone you meet) saved, healed and passionately following Jesus Christ, the only one who can truly set us free.

This year, beginning on Thursday, September 3rd we’ll begin a 30+ evening hike together through the Gospel of Matthew considering what Jesus’ life and words meant to his first followers and even more, to you today. Each Thursday, we’ll look at the teachings of Jesus considering what it means to live the most rewarding and FULL life possible, the Christian life. Join us at 7:00pm on Thursdays for a dynamic evening of exploring the gospels and discussion and fun led by the multi-generational Grace College team.

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3337 Emmaus Road, Harrisonburg, VA

(Grace College is the college-student ministry of Grace Covenant Church)